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Production Process

Production Process

From our very first idea through to the final product, this is a long process that we would like you to share with us and you will be very proud to add our genuine models to your collection. Full integration of prototypes, casting, painting, and final assembly takes place in our facility.

Step1: Documatation collection
In the 1 st step, we should know the detailed description of your project like the model name, model scale, material, quality level, function&features, quantity, packaging details, etc.....this will be key effect in quotation.

Step 2: Pictures and drawing collection
The detailed picture, dimension and drawing and original equipment 3D data are important in high quality resin model project, please get those information as much as possible, we will make a detailed quoation based on above information you provided.

Step 3: Prototype 
We will start to make prototype according to your detailed pictures, drawing and description you provided. We will show all the details and function on prototype. All prototypes are created in house and our prototype department has a direct involvement in the production process. 

Step 4: Deco sample and Pre-production sample
After prototype confirmed, we move to deco sample making. We will make the deco sample with full painting and packaging 1 or 2 set of samples will be sent to our customer for aprroval. 1 set of sample will be sent back to factory with signature if everything is ok or re-modify the sample till customer‘s final confirmation, we will take the final approved sample as pre-production sample.

Step 5: Mass production
After the confirmation of pre-production sample and packaging, we will get the signed back sample as quality standard to start mass production.The procedure of mass production be listed as below: resin-casting, surface processing, hand spraying, tempo printing, final assembling, QC and packing.

Step 6: Final inspection&Shipping
We asking for final inspection by your QC after the full production finished,then will be stored in warewhouse and waiting for shipping, by air or by sea...